This is the page I use to try new fun widgets and projects.  Feel free to try them out as well.


This is an Arch Linux image I have made to fit a 4GB flash drive. It includes drivers for intel, ati and nvidia graphics cards (in addition to vesa) and has both LXDE and Compiz Fusion Stand Alone desktops. Some special inclusions are Gwinwrap animated desktop, AWN dock (on Compiz desktop), Openshot video editor with blender used for animated titles as well as a few of my favorite experimental compiz fusion plugins (atlantis, wizard, freewins, photo carousel and screensaver). It has a 32MB approx windows partition so users plugging it into a windows box do not accidentally wipe the linux install. This also provides a convenient spot to share files between computers.


  1. Download the 7zip here.
  2. Extract ArchFusion2-2.img
  3. Use a flash image program to "restore" the image to your flash drive. (ex:  Win32DiskImager, USB Image Tool - I use this one if you just want to get started) If using a drive larger than 4GB you may later use a "live" cd or other linux install to re-size the "ArchLinux" partition to fill the entire drive or you could use this key to transfer the files to a second larger drive using rsync. Use whatever method you are comfortable with. You could also format the free space to another linux partition.
  4. Reboot your computer and use the "select boot device" key combination on your computer in order to boot from your ArchFusion flash drive.  You may need to change the settings in your BIOS in order to allow booting from USB devices first.
  5. When you reach the login screen, select your chosen desktop and login as "user" using password "user". (Root user is "root" with password "root")
  6. Enjoy